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Mastering Business Continuity and Financial Tools: Multi-State Conference

This exclusive 3-day conference is meticulously designed for accountants and financial experts committed to elevating their practices. Commence you...

Event Overview

This exclusive 3-day conference is meticulously designed for accountants and financial experts committed to elevating their practices. Commence your conference experience by deep-diving into the essential practices for Business Continuity. Gain actionable insights to fortify your business against unforeseen disruptions, ensuring resilience and sustained operations. Engage with cutting-edge strategies and software, including Microsoft Access and QuickBooks, to ensure your firm’s uninterrupted growth and exceptional service delivery.

Event Sessions

Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Day #1
K2’s Business Continuity – Best Practices for Managing the Risks
Information Technology | 8 Credits
Brian Tankersley
09:00 AM to 04:30 PM America/Chicago

Are you and your team members prepared for a business disruption? Natural disasters, technology glitches, human failures, and even sabotage and terrorism threaten businesses of all sizes today. In this course, you will learn how to develop and implement a business continuity plan (BCP) to help manage the risks associated with business interruptions. You will learn how to manage key issues related to staffing, how virtualization can speed recovery times, and how Cloud-based storage, synchronization, and mirrored databases can help ensure that you always have access to your critical data and applications. Most importantly, you will learn how to identify your organization’s major risks and create an effective plan to address these contingencies.

Today’s technology-dependent organizations must have a plan for how they will operate when facilities, power, communications, or technology fail or become compromised. Unfortunately, many companies learn about critical weaknesses in their infrastructure only after experiencing a critical outage. Participate in this course and learn how to identify, understand, and develop strategies for mitigating risks of business interruption.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2024
Day #2
K2’s Microsoft Access – Tables, Queries, And Beyond
Information Technology | 8 Credits
Brian Tankersley
09:00 AM to 04:30 PM America/Chicago

Microsoft Access is an enigma to business professionals, primarily because many try to use Microsoft Office Access as they use Excel. Unfortunately, they fail to understand that the two applications are decidedly different tools, and they become frustrated when they do not realize their intended results. In this course, you will learn about tables and queries – two cornerstone pieces of databases.

You will also learn how to link data between multiple tables and why your choice matters. Moreover, you will learn how to design and create a complete database, including one with Forms and Reports. If you’re serious about using Microsoft Office Access to manage larger volumes of data, this course is for you.

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Thursday, August 22, 2024
Day #3
K2’s QuickBooks for Accountants
Accounting, Computer Software and Applications | 8 Credits
Brian Tankersley
09:00 AM to 04:30 PM America/Chicago

The QuickBooks platform is robust with features and capabilities that many users are unaware of or do not know how to utilize effectively. This course helps you get more out of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and resolve the issues even experienced QuickBooks users struggle with, such as locking down prior periods. This program starts fast with a chapter covering the top issues accountants face with QuickBooks. Then, the day continues with practical guidance and solutions designed to help accountants get the most out of QuickBooks for themselves or their clients. You will learn about issues like setting up a new company, configuring and customizing QuickBooks preferences, and enabling system security and password protection features. Also, you will learn how to lock down transactions in prior periods, use the audit trail, customize reports, export reports to Excel, and extend QuickBooks’ usefulness with tools such as the Fixed Asset Manager and Loan Manager.

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Event Instructors

Brian Tankersley

Knoxville, TN
Speaker & Author, K2 Enterprises

Brian Tankersley is a consultant who advises US firms and companies on accounting technology issues. Mr. Tankersley is a frequent speaker at continuing education courses for K2 Enterprises, and publishes a nationally recognized blog on accounting and technology (www.cpatechblog.com). He has also served as the technology editor for a major accounting industry publication. Mr. Tankersley has over 25 years of professional experience, including accounting, auditing, technology, and education, and has been with K2 Enterprises since 2005, and he is also one of the national instructors for Yaeger CPA Review.

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