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CPE Today stands at the forefront of continuing professional education, providing outstanding training and learning resources to financial professionals across the industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the company offers an extensive array of over 200 self-study classes and more than 100 webinars annually, ensuring that certified public accountants have access to the knowledge and skills required to remain competitive in a dynamic financial landscape. Specializing in key areas such as accounting, audit, technology, and tax, CPE Today’s courses are designed to be accessible on-demand, allowing professionals to learn at their own pace and convenience.

The strength of CPE Today lies in its dedication to creating the best possible experience for professional education. The company’s learning technology, developed in-house from the ground up, is specifically tailored to the needs of continuing education for working professionals. This commitment to technology-enhanced learning ensures that every course is not only informative but also engaging and applicable to real-world scenarios. With a strong emphasis on technology classes, CPE Today positions itself as a leader in equipping financial experts with the tools they need to excel in an increasingly digitalized world.

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Behind the success of CPE Today are founders Stephen M. Yoss and Alex White, whose combined experience of over 20 years in professional education has shaped the company’s vision and direction. Stephen’s deep-rooted connection to the CPE industry, stemming from his early exposure to his father’s CPE business, and his prolific work in course writing and presenting, has been instrumental in setting high standards for the company’s educational content. Alex brings a wealth of expertise in technology, from web development to cloud architecture, ensuring that CPE Today’s digital learning platforms are robust, user-friendly, and cutting-edge.

The partnership between Stephen and Alex began when they met working together at an education provider in the early 2010s. Their shared passion for advancing professional financial education led to the establishment of Devmatics in 2017, a software development company that would lay the foundation for CPE Today. This collaboration has enabled the company to offer a diverse portfolio of CPE courses, taught by outstanding instructors with expertise in various subject matters, including the increasingly important field of technology. As CPE Today continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its founding principle: to do CPE right, providing an exceptional educational journey for financial professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and career prospects.