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7 Ways to Dominate Content Marketing in 2021

Today, we will explore how to use content marketing to get more traffic, social shares, and more backlinks. In other words, we will provide 7 Ways to Dominate Content Marketing in 2021 and beyond. In addition to all these items, and most important of all, more customers. Content marketing is a crucial part of every brand. After that, there are many tips and tactics you can use online that can help you craft a dominant marketing plan to get ahead of the competition. In addition, many organizations use digital marketing poorly. Above all, if you use automated digital content marketing correctly, your sales team and competitors will marvel at your success. If you want to get the optimal results from your content, you will love this step-by-step guide. So let us dive right in. Here is the only list of strategies you need to follow in 2021.

Find a Topic

Let us start by finding a topic, but not just any topic. It would help if you had something with a proven track record.

Here is how to do it.

First, check out the content that has done well from one of your competitors. In other words, go to a competing blog and keep an eye out for posts that have lots of comments, social shares, or both.

You can do the same with podcasts in your industry or niche. Similarly, if one of your competitors has a podcast, check out their episode list on iTunes or Spotify. For instance, a competitor’s podcast can reveal some great topics that would be challenging to find any other way.

Finally, get topic ideas from online communities. You could take advantage of Reddit threads and accumulate all the questions about a topic. The same rules apply with a tool called AnswerThePublic, a free tool that hands you popular questions about your topic. Above all, selecting a topic that is generating interest with a proven track record is crucial.

Find a keyword for SEO to Dominate

You found a topic that interests your target customer. Now it is time to explore the keywords they use to search in Google.

First, use YouTube. I will show you an old-school keyword research strategy that I still use all the time. To use it, start typing in one of the topics you discovered in the previous step and write down keywords that Google suggests.

The same rules apply to YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and more. Next, use searches related to finding long-tail keywords.

A pro tip: Do you ever notice these searches related to an area at the bottom of Google Search results? Well, it is a gold mine of keyword ideas. Above all, these keyword ideas are the primary search terms.

Choose a Content Format

ersonally, when I hear the word content, I automatically think of blog posts. But blog posts are just one of many types of content formats that are out there.

Besides blog posts, there are YouTube videos, photos, lead magnets, eBooks, infographicspodcasts, quizzes, and more. But is there one format that works best? The K2 Enterprises team has a YouTube channel and podcasts at CPEToday.

Review of products is done on The Technology Lab Podcast at CPA Practice Advisor, which launched in February of 2021. Check out other recommended podcasts for the accounting profession from CPAPA. You will note we used an infographic in our recent post on How to Enhance Consumer Confidence in Small Business.

Are you an excellent writer? Focus on blog posts. Do you love getting the interaction with the camera? Then make a video. Or maybe you are a fantastic designer. In that case, you want to create a piece of visual content.

Keep in mind that you do not always need to follow one format. You could take the same topic and use several different mediums to cover it in your content marketing. In other words, isn’t the goal to dominate content marketing?

Publish a well-crafted piece of content

Nowadays, it is more challenging than ever to get your content to stand out. In fact, according to WordPress, there are 2.5 million blog posts published every single day.
That is the bad news.
However, today, it is still possible to create excellent content that stands out.

Here is how to do it.

First, publish insanely actionable content. It does not matter if your website is about marketing or dogs. People want content that they can use instantly. That is why I tried to make every technique in this guest post super actionable.

Next on the list to achieve excellent content marketing is to use lots of examples in your content. When it comes to content, I find that people love examples. Research shows that examples make learning more straightforward.

Finally, I recommend focusing on your content user experience or UX. When most people hear about user experience, they think about things like software. But as it turns out, the content is a user experience too.

Content UX is not just for blog content. If you have a podcast, content UX is the quality of your audio. And if you are making a video, content UX is that video’s production value.

Focus on making your content easy to consume, and it will have a much higher chance of driving targeted traffic to your website.

Optimize your content for SEO

There are various ways to optimize your SEO content, but in my experience, these three strategies are working best right now.

  • Optimize your title tag for click-through rate

As you may have heard, Google uses the site’s click-through rate as a ranking signal. The more people click on your website in the search results, the higher it will rank. So, make your title tag super enticing for people to click the title.

  • Use your keyword a few times in your content, especially in the first 150 words

Do not do keyword stuffing. Instead, include your target keyword where it makes sense. That way, Google can see that your page is about a specific topic.

  • Link out to other websites

This industry has a clear correlation between external links and Google rankings. Whenever it makes sense, link to information resources that will help your readers learn more about the topics you cover in your article. However, do not link to resources that are trying to optimize the same topic and keyword. In other words, how are you going to dominate content marketing if you are promoting a competitor’s resource?

Leverage content marketing promotion

If you are serious about content marketing, you need to learn about content promotion. A good reference is from Shane Barker. I do not mean to share your content on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, even though that can help.

I am talking about strategically promoting your content to get lots of shares, links, and traffic.

The question is, how to do it?

Here are three strategies to get you ahead of the game now.

Here are three strategies to get you ahead of the game now.

  • Content roundups. These are blog posts that curate the best content from a specific topic. The best part is that there are roundups in pretty much every niche. Getting your link in front of someone who runs a roundup gives you a good chance of getting a link.
  • Promote your content in your email newsletter When it comes to content promotion, I have tried it all. And in my experience, nothing beats email. If you want to get a lot of traction on every piece of content you publish, you want to let your email subscribers know you just posted something. The K2 Enterprises team has a US newsletter that you can subscribe to as well as a Canadian newsletter.
  • Use boosted Facebook posts. Over the last few months, I have spent a lot of money on Facebook ads, and what I learned from that experience is that retargeting is legit. Use retargeting to reach people who already visited your website and increase your exposure with more likely users to engage with your content.

Track your performance

To nail content marketing, you need to ensure that your strategies work. To do that, I recommend that you check these two metrics:

The first thing is traffic. If your content does not increase your traffic, it is probably time to switch things up. Keep in mind that content marketing and SEO can take time to kick in, sometimes months.

Next up, we have conversions. Similarly, you need to know if your content brings any sales. You can measure conversions in Google Analytics. When you see conversions moving up along with traffic, that is a sign that your content marketing is working.

Bonus Tip: Scale your digital content marketing to dominate

By scaling, I do not recommend firing up many blog posts. That is what most people do at this stage, and it hurts them. Instead of consistently putting out awesome stuff, they start to focus on quantity, and because their content is not as well-researched as it used to be, people stop reading it.

The secret here is to focus on scaling quality, not quantity. When you establish your brand and become an authority in your niche, do not downgrade your content. Use this momentum and create valuable pieces that could help you skyrocket your business.

The Takeaway

Content marketing is vital for your brand’s longevity, and you need to put a lot of time and resources into understanding what your audience wants and how to optimize it. To achieve that, use these strategies above to create a solid and efficient content marketing plan. In conclusion, which of the 7 Ways to Dominate Content Marketing in 2021 are you going to choose?

Let us know which tips you are using when it comes to content marketing. I cannot wait to see what your thoughts are in the comments section.

Until the next one, keep creating content.

Alex is a content writer at Moosend. Coming from an architecture background, he took the leap of faith in the digital marketing world and never looked back. In his free time, you will find him taking photos in places around the world. Find out more on LinkedIn.

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