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20 Years of K2 Quality Awards

The K2 Quality Awards celebrate the best of the tech in the accounting industry. On the 20th anniversary year of the awards, we take a look back at their beginning. To see how the awards have grown and changed over the years. How they have become one of the premier awards given to technology companies serving the accounting profession. Along with how the recipients are chosen each year.

How did the Quality Awards Begin?

In the beginning, K2 was looking for a way to recognize outstanding technology providers in the accounting profession. Providers with fantastic products and services that could help working practitioners. Every year, K2 provides instruction, hands-on tutorials and writes articles on a vast array of products that aid accounting professionals. Each year the K2 partners meet and decide which products to honor


How the Quality Awards have grown over the last 20 years

Through the years the awards have grown significantly. It started with just a handful of awards, but as the technology changes and grows, so do the award categories. Year by year they added categories for specific topics as those technologies became more relevant. For example, mobile and cloud-based technologies have completely changed the way the profession works. Naturally, additional awards for those categories were added to represent that category of products

How the categories were determined.

The K2 Quality Award categories were designed to be reflective of today’s professional environment and the conditions of the market. The categories were chosen to reflect the major sections of the accounting profession, such as tax, audit, industry, and CPA firms. Additionally, K2 wanted to see all major categories (e.g., mobile, management, cloud, small business, etc.) of technology represented.

The overall priority of the award selection process is to choose products and companies that are useful, helpful, and of outstanding quality.

The goal of the awards is to serve as a guide to help working practitioners choose the best solutions for their organization.

The most recently added award category is the Prime award. This award category was added in 2015. This award intends to highlight the overall best technology company for the accounting profession. It considers all aspects of the company’s operations, including products, services, management strategy, customer service, and more.

When a product has the whole package, product, support, integrity of the company, management strategies, the recognition should reflect excellence. K2 reserves the right to only present the Prime Award when there is a worthy participant. This is why the Prime Award is not given every year. Only companies and products of the highest caliber will be recipients of this prestigious recognition.

How the winners are selected

The identification and selection process of K2 awards is competitive and thorough. A wide selection of companies, services, products, and more are tracked over the year. Additionally, the K2 instructional team does their research and can submit other products which they would like to consider.

The instructors review countless products to update their seminar courses. This helps them guide their attendees to make the most informed decisions they can when choosing technology for their firms or personal use.


Around August of every year, the K2 team comes together to review the findings for the year. Once the contestants have been narrowed down, they choose award recipients in each of the major categories.

Accounting professionals trust and rely upon K2 to do the heavy lifting of technology research for them. Their strong reputation of being knowledgeable, unbiased, trustworthy, and transparent about accounting technology has allowed them to become a reliable source for the accounting profession. For more information check out https://www.k2e.com

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