About CPE Today

CPE Today is a dedicated provider of Continuing Professional Education for financial professionals, specifically targeting Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) within the United States. We operate primarily as an online educational platform, offering a wide range of self-study and webinar formats to cater to our audience’s busy schedules and diverse learning preferences.

Our team comprises experienced instructors and professionals from various fields of study, such as accounting, auditing, tax, and specialized knowledge.

Continuing education is at the very heart of our activities. As the accounting profession continually evolves with new regulations, technologies and methodologies, CPAS must stay updated and regularly enhance their knowledge and skills. CPE Today addresses this need by offering various relevant courses covering the latest industry trends and changes.

Our mission is to empower financial professionals with high-quality, timely, and accessible education. We are committed to facilitating their professional growth and helping them maintain and improve their competence. Therefore, our organization is not just related to continuing education but is completely built around it. Whether through our course development, delivery methods, or customer service, every aspect of our operation is designed to provide effective continuing education to financial professionals.

NASBA Customer Policies

CPE Today Record Retention Policy

In accordance with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Standards for CPE programs, CPE Today implements the following record retention policy:

  1. Retention Period: CPE Today will retain all program documentation in electronic format for a minimum of five years from the date of the program offering.
  2. Records of Participation: CPE Today will retain records of all participants participating in our programs, including their names, contact details, and the specific courses they have completed.
  3. Dates and Locations: Records of program dates and locations (virtual or physical) for both group online webinar events and self-study courses will be maintained.
  4. Author/Instructor/Developer/Reviewer Information: For each program, records of the author, instructor, developer, and reviewer names and their credentials will be maintained. For CPAs and tax attorneys serving in these roles, the state of licensure, license number, and status of the license will be recorded. For enrolled agents, their enrolled agent number will be retained.
  5. CPE Credits Earned: CPE Today will maintain records of the number of CPE credits earned by each participant for each course.
  6. Program Evaluations: Results of program evaluations conducted will be retained.
  7. Program Descriptive Materials: All program materials will be retained, including course announcement information and program descriptions.

In line with NASBA standards, CPE Today will retain evidence that program materials were developed and reviewed by qualified parties and records of how CPE credits were determined.

For self-study programs, pilot test records and word count formula calculations, where applicable, along with supporting documentation for the data used in these calculations, will be retained.

For group live programs, in addition to the requirements above, CPE Today will retain program outlines, agendas, speaker notes, or other documentation demonstrating the element of engagement related to course content for each credit of CPE planned for the group live program.

CPE Today Refund Policy

At CPE Today, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and strive to provide the highest quality continuing education courses for financial professionals. Recognizing that our offerings may not always meet every participant’s expectations, we have established the following refund policy:

Refund Requests: Participants unsatisfied with a course may request a refund. To do so, they should email our customer service team at support@cpetoday.com or submit a request via our website at https://www.cpetoday.com/r/support.

Request Deadline: To be eligible for a refund, the request must be submitted within 30 days of the course purchase date. Please include your reason for dissatisfaction in your request, as your feedback is valuable to us for improving our offerings.

Eligibility: Refunds can only be issued for courses where a certificate of completion has not been granted. Once a certificate has been issued, the course is considered completed, and the knowledge gained makes it ineligible for a refund.

Refund Processing: Upon receipt and approval of your refund request, our team will process the refund. The refund will be credited back to your original form of payment within 14 business days.

CPE Today Cancellation Policy

At CPE Today, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally require the cancellation or postponement of a webinar. In such cases, we are committed to providing timely communication and flexible solutions for our registrants. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Notification: In the rare event of a webinar cancellation or postponement due to unanticipated circumstances, we will notify all registrants immediately via the email provided at the time of registration.

Options for Registrants: Upon cancellation or postponement, registrants can transfer their registration to another webinar of equal value or obtain a full refund of the registration fee.

How to Proceed: Registrants who wish to transfer their registration should contact our customer service at support@cpetoday.com or submit a help ticket at https://www.cpetoday.com/r/support to arrange the transfer.

CPE Today Complaint Resolution Policy

At CPE Today, we are committed to providing the highest quality of continuing education courses and customer service. We value feedback from our customers and take all complaints seriously. Our policy for resolving complaints is as follows:

Submitting a Complaint: If you have a complaint concerning any aspect of our courses or service, please submit it via our online support form at https://www.cpetoday.com/r/support. You may also send an email directly to support@cpetoday.com. Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information, the nature of the complaint, and any relevant course information.

Review Process: Upon receipt of your complaint, our team will conduct an internal review. We aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days and, when appropriate, a response within ten business days. Please note that some complaints may take longer to resolve, depending on their nature and complexity.

Resolution: We are committed to resolving complaints fairly and appropriately.

Contact Information: For further inquiries or follow-up on a submitted complaint, please email our dedicated support team at support@cpetoday.com.

CPE Today Course Update Policy

At CPE Today, we are committed to providing current, accurate, and effectively designed course materials to ensure the relevance and accuracy of our content.

Course Documentation: All course materials will contain the most recent publication, revision, or review date. This ensures that participants can access the latest information relevant to the course topic.

Course Revisions: Courses are revised promptly following changes to related codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, and other pertinent factors. This ensures that our content remains up-to-date and reflects the most accurate information.

Subject Matter Expert Review: Courses in subjects that undergo frequent changes are reviewed by a subject matter expert at least once a year to verify the currency of the content. All other courses are reviewed at least every two years. This ensures the ongoing relevance and accuracy of our course content.

Course Development: In line with NASBA Standards, all our learning activities are developed by subject matter experts. This ensures that our course content is accurate, comprehensive, and effective.

Group Programs: For group live and group internet-based programs, the revision date is the date of the event. This ensures that participants receive the most timely and relevant information.

CPE Today Program Content Development Policy

At CPE Today, we are dedicated to ensuring our program content and knowledge level align with our intended participants’ backgrounds and development needs.

Relevant Learning Objectives and Outcomes: All our learning activities are based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes that clearly articulate the professional competence that participants should achieve. This ensures that our participants can decide whether a program aligns with their professional development needs.

Program Knowledge Level: Each course is categorized into one of the following knowledge levels: basic, intermediate, advanced, overview, and update. This information is clearly stated in our course descriptions to guide participants in choosing a program that suits their expertise and learning objectives.

Prerequisite Education and Experience: For intermediate, advanced, and updated courses, we identify any prerequisite education, experience, or advanced preparation in precise language. This allows potential participants to readily ascertain whether they qualify for a program.

For courses with a “basic” or “overview” knowledge level, we state any prerequisite education or experience and advanced preparation, if any. We explicitly state “none” in the course announcement or descriptive materials if no prerequisites or advance preparation are required.

Consistency with Participant Background: We aim to develop and execute learning activities consistent with the participants’ prerequisite education, experience, and advanced preparation. This ensures that the program content and level equate with the backgrounds of our intended participants.

CPE Today Content and Delivery System Policy

At CPE Today, we are committed to ensuring that our content and delivery system are current, accurate, and effectively designed.

Expertise in Content Development: All our courses are developed by individuals or teams with expertise in their respective subject matter. This expertise is demonstrated through practical experience and/or education. This ensures the accuracy and relevance of our course content.

Content Update and Review: We understand the importance of keeping our courses up-to-date. As such, courses are revised as soon as feasible following changes to related codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, etc. For subjects that undergo frequent changes, courses are reviewed by a subject matter expert at least once a year. All other courses are reviewed at least every two years. This ensures the currency of our course content.

Delivery System: We use our internally developed content delivery system, Hero. This system is specifically designed for and dedicated to the delivery of compliance-driven education such as CPE. Hero ensures an effective and user-friendly experience for our participants.

Course Documentation: We ensure that all our course documentation contains the most recent publication, revision, or review date. This provides our participants with the most current information relevant to their course of study.

CPE Today Content Development and Review Policy

At CPE Today, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy in our program development.

Subject Matter Expertise: Our course content is developed by subject matter experts, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our programs. We require the participation of at least one licensed CPA, tax attorney, or IRS-enrolled agent in good standing and holding an active license or its equivalent in a U.S. jurisdiction in the development of each program in the fields of accounting, auditing, and taxes. For courses on international taxes, we involve a professional holding an equivalent active license for the specific international jurisdiction.

Independent Review: All our programs are reviewed by qualified individuals other than those who developed the programs, ensuring an impartial and thorough evaluation of our content. These reviews occur before the first presentation of our materials and after each significant revision, ensuring that our programs remain up-to-date and accurately address their stated learning objectives.

Content Purchase: If we purchase course content from other entities, we take full responsibility for ensuring the content complies with all CPE requirements. If the content is purchased from a sponsor registered with NASBA on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, we maintain author/developer and content reviewer documentation from that sponsor. If the content is purchased from an entity not registered with NASBA, we independently review the content to ensure compliance with the Standards. If we lack the subject matter expertise on staff, we contract with a content reviewer to conduct the review.

CPE Today Learning Objectives and Outcomes Policy

At CPE Today, we are committed to providing programs based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes.

Relevant Learning Objectives and Outcomes: Our programs are built around defined learning objectives and outcomes that articulate the knowledge, skills, and abilities participants can expect to gain. In other words, we ensure that by the end of each program, participants are clear on what they can do with the knowledge or skills they have acquired.

Program Knowledge Level: We specify the knowledge level for each learning activity. These levels, which include basic, intermediate, advanced, update, and overview, are identified to help potential participants determine if the learning outcomes are appropriate to their professional competence development needs.

Transparency: We clearly communicate these learning objectives and outcomes in our course descriptions, making it easy for participants to understand each program’s takeaway skills or knowledge.

Group Based Internet Questions

CPE Today Participant Engagement and Monitoring Policy

At CPE Today, our commitment is to foster an interactive and engaging learning environment. As per Standard No. 16, we have implemented the following mechanisms to ensure active participation throughout our programs:

Active Engagement Tracking: Our custom-built webinar solution, Live Hero, is designed to automatically track audience engagement. The system issues attendance prompts at random intervals in the form of modal windows that appear in the middle of the screen. These prompts are designed to ensure that participants are actively engaged throughout the duration of the program.

Prompt Interactivity: The prompts issued by Live Hero require user engagement within a predetermined period. If a user does not engage with a prompt within this period, it is automatically dismissed and cannot be re-engaged. This approach ensures that the participants are actively engaging with the content throughout the program.

Monitoring Mechanism: Our monitoring mechanism is designed to provide assurance of active participation throughout our group Internet-based programs. It operates with sufficient frequency and unpredictability, and requires at least three instances of interactivity per CPE credit, ensuring compliance with Standard No. 16.

Credit Assignment: We are meticulous in assigning credits based on actual program length and the specific instructional delivery method of the program. Furthermore, we allocate credits to the relevant fields of study based on content time, ensuring the correct assignment of CPE credits.

Small Group Viewing: In situations where a small group views a group Internet-based program, we require documentation of attendance to award CPE credits to participants. The small group facilitator or administrator authenticates attendance for program duration.

Self-Study Courses

CPE Today Qualified Assessment Grading Policy

At CPE Today, we adhere to NASBA’s standards for our self-study programs. Our policy includes the following:

Qualified Assessment Requirements: Participants must successfully complete a qualified assessment during or after the program to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the course. A minimum passing grade of 70% is required before CPE credit can be issued.

Assessment Structure: The assessment may include various question formats, such as multiple choice and simulations. At least five questions and scored responses per CPE credit must be included on the assessment, or three questions and scored responses for programs marketed for one-half CPE credits.

Feedback: The decision to provide feedback on the qualified assessment is at CPE Today’s discretion. If feedback is given, it may identify correct and incorrect answers or explain why each response is correct or incorrect.

Retakes: If a participant fails to achieve the minimum passing grade on the first attempt, retakes are allowed. However, specific feedback on the answers will not be provided for failed assessments. If a participant passes the assessment successfully, feedback may be provided at CPE Today’s discretion.

Notification of Grade: Participants are immediately notified of their score upon submission of the assessment. The grade is displayed on the screen, providing instant feedback.

Expiration Date: Each course has an expiration date, which is no more than one year from the date of purchase or enrollment. By this date, participants must complete the qualified assessment to receive CPE credit.