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Productivity and Project Management for Financial Pros

In the dynamic world of finance

Event Overview

In the dynamic world of finance, mastering project management isn’t simply beneficial—it’s essential for career success. Our Productivity and Project Management for Financial Pros is a groundbreaking conference designed exclusively for individuals in the financial sector who strive to refine their project oversight skills, enhance workflow efficiency, and effectively lead their teams.
This conference isn’t just theoretical; it’s an immersive educational experience emphasizing practical techniques and tools. Participants will gain an understanding of both Kanban and traditional project management methodologies, providing an opportunity to analyze and select methods that best suit their professional environment.

Event Sessions

Tuesday, December 10, 2024
Day #1
Automation For Increasing Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness
Information Technology | 2 Credits
Stephen Yoss
09:00 AM to 11:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Automation can be incredibly helpful for saving time, improving accuracy, promoting effectiveness, and getting more value out of your workday. One of the best things a person can do is to invest time into automating their workday because it will help them to complete more work in the same period of time, reduce daily stress and provide better mental clarity. Automation can be permanent time savings for a person, once something is automated you always get that time back on a project.

This course will discuss the various tools, methods, apps, websites, and more that a person can use to help promote personal automation in both your personal and professional life. It will incorporate technologies such as integration platform as a service (iPaaS) tools, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Elgato Streamdeck, and more. Participants will learn methods that can help them save anywhere from a couple of hours to weeks of time.

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Streamlined Success: Project Management for Financial Pros
Business Management and Organization | 2 Credits
Stephen Yoss
11:00 AM to 01:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

In today’s fast-paced financial industry, effective project management is not just a skill—it’s a critical asset. This course is meticulously crafted for financial professionals who are eager to enhance their project oversight capabilities, streamline their workflows, and lead their teams to success with greater ease. Participants will dive into the world of Kanban and traditional project management, comparing and contrasting to find the best fit for their unique professional needs. With a focus on practical application, this program offers a comprehensive exploration of top-tier tools such as Trello, Planner, and Asana, ensuring attendees can immediately implement these solutions to benefit their operations.

Understanding the value of time and resource management in the financial sector, this course provides an array of productivity hacks, time-tracking solutions, and staff management strategies tailored for the nuances of finance. Whether working in public finance or within the industry, attendees will leave equipped with actionable insights to manage projects more effectively, foster a productive team environment, and leverage free and easy-to-use tools to their advantage. By participating in this program, financial professionals will not only learn to navigate the complexities of project management but will also gain the confidence to apply these methodologies to optimize their performance and drive their organizations forward. Join us to elevate your project management acumen and position yourself at the forefront of financial leadership.

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Event Instructors

Stephen Yoss

Big Bear Lake, CA
Speaker & Author, CPE Today

Stephen M. Yoss, Jr., CPA, MS, is a certified public accountant, partner and CEO of Devmatics, LLC, a continuing education instructor for financial professionals, a and a licensed pyrotechnician. While his interests and skills are varied, they all share a common thread—his love for and skill in finding technology-based solutions. In 2017, Stephen and Alex White formed Devmatics, LLC, a company focused on helping organizations develop technology strategies to streamline their business operations. He specializes in taking on high-difficulty, mission-critical organizational issues that require technological expertise and an ability to find solutions to problems that no one else can answer. With all of his clients, he emphasizes the need to embrace technology at every opportunity and utilize the latest technological trends and breakthroughs in order to gain a competitive advantage while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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All of our seminars and conferences are NASBA approved  according to the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards).

Your Registration Includes:

  • Virtual live instructor lead presentation
  • Q&A with the live instructor
  • Course materials (PDF & Sample Materials)
  • One year access to course materials
  • Completion certificate

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