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Cybersecurity 2024: Proactive Defense for CPAs – Webinar

Participants will complete this webinar not just with an in-depth understanding of the paramount cybersecurity issues

Event Overview

Participants will complete this webinar not just with an in-depth understanding of the paramount cybersecurity issues, but also with procedures specifically designed for the financial industry. They will learn to combat threats posed by Internet of Things devices and manage the distinctive risks that come with remote work settings. By the conclusion of the sessions, CPAs and business experts will possess the necessary resources to bolster their virtual safeguards and maintain the reliability of their professional services. Reserve your place today to ensure you are ahead in cybersecurity awareness, bolstering your practice, and increasing your worth in the business sector. Take action now to revolutionize your approach to digital security and command with assurance against cyber threats.

Event Sessions

Tuesday, October 8, 2024
Day #1
Cybersecurity 2024: Proactive Defense for CPAs
Information Technology | 4 Credits
Stephen Yoss
09:00 AM to 01:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

In an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, financial professionals require a robust understanding of cybersecurity measures to protect both their personal and client data. This course offers a thorough update on the latest security and privacy challenges that CPAs and business experts will face in 2024. Participants will delve into the intricacies of Windows 11 security features, learn to recognize and respond to sophisticated ransomware attacks, and understand the implications of data breaches in a heavily interconnected world. With a focus on practical solutions and actionable strategies, this course equips attendees with the knowledge to implement robust privacy policies, counteract phishing attempts, and navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance.

Attendees will emerge from this course not only with a comprehensive grasp of the most pressing cybersecurity issues but also with best practices tailored for the financial sector. They will gain insights into mitigating IoT threats and managing the unique risks associated with work-from-home arrangements. By the end of the sessions, CPAs and business professionals will be armed with the tools necessary to fortify their digital defenses and ensure the integrity of their professional services. Secure a spot today and commit to being at the forefront of cybersecurity proficiency, safeguarding your practice and enhancing your value in the marketplace. Act now to transform your approach to digital security and lead with confidence in the face of cyber threats.

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Event Instructors

Stephen Yoss

Big Bear Lake, CA
Speaker & Author, CPE Today

Stephen M. Yoss, Jr., CPA, MS, is a certified public accountant, partner and CEO of Devmatics, LLC, a continuing education instructor for financial professionals, a and a licensed pyrotechnician. While his interests and skills are varied, they all share a common thread—his love for and skill in finding technology-based solutions. In 2017, Stephen and Alex White formed Devmatics, LLC, a company focused on helping organizations develop technology strategies to streamline their business operations. He specializes in taking on high-difficulty, mission-critical organizational issues that require technological expertise and an ability to find solutions to problems that no one else can answer. With all of his clients, he emphasizes the need to embrace technology at every opportunity and utilize the latest technological trends and breakthroughs in order to gain a competitive advantage while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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  • One year access to course materials
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