K2's Filtering the World - Spam, Virus and Malware Protection
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Bad actors want inside your systems and want to steal your data. They can attack your systems directly or they can use your email inbox as the conduit for the attack by sending phishing messages. Regardless of the method they used, these crooks all want the same thing – access to your sensitive information! In this session, you will learn about your options for spam, virus, and malware protection. More specifically, you will learn about where your greatest risks are and the need for a layered approach to security. Additionally, you learn about different types of tools you can use to construct a multi-layered defense system, including tools such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and heuristic-based approaches to preventing malware, viruses, and ransomware from infecting your systems. If you’re concerned about data security — and who isn’t? – then participate in this session to learn how you can manage risk more effectively.

  • Identify threats that need protection
  • Differentiate the most effective protection methods
  • Differentiate the most effective protection methods
  • Differentiate the most effective protection methods
  • List the protection options that you can use
  • Apply the knowledge to protect your systems
  • None
  • Fundamental knowledge of computer operations and security needs
  • Intermediate
  • 103648

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