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Office 365 subscribers have access to enhanced Excel functionality that uses advanced technologies. Ideas allow users to apply data mining techniques to local data sets stored in tables. This one-click process produces graphical analysis of data to help uncover hidden facts and relationships. With Data Types users can extract geographical or financial data from online data sources on demand. Dynamic arrays allow users to create multiple copies of a local data set. These copies update automatically as the source data changes. Along with this technology comes new functions for sorting and filtering these copies. This means that users need only maintain and update one table while having multiple dynamic copies, each configured to meet some reporting or analysis objective. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, attend this webinar to see these and other advanced Excel technologies in action.

  • List four advanced technologies available in Excel for Office 365 subscribers
  • Identify six new functions for use with Dynamic Arrays
  • Explain how Ideas can help users find trends, outliers, and hidden relationships in data
  • Describe how to take a picture in Excel Mobile and convert it to usable data
  • Name three Data Types and identify some of the information available with each data type
  • None
  • Office 365 subscriber with a good working knowledge of Excel
  • Intermediate
  • 103648

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