Growth CPR | Critical Elements of the Business Model View | Part 4

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CRITICAL, BUT OFTEN IGNORED, ELEMENTS OF THE BUSINESS MODEL VIEW This course focuses on four of the seven business model elements, namely, Value Proposition, Key Resources, Key Competencies, and Strategic Partnerships. The first item, Value Proposition, is the key link between what a customer needs or wants and how a company uniquely meets or satisfies the customers' needs or wants.  The last three business model elements are critical, but often ignored, and must be aligned and reinforce each other to ensure the company has the ability and capability to deliver on their value proposition. At the conclusion of this course, you will have a better understanding of why these four elements of a business model are critical and should not be ignored.

  • Define Value Proposition and list the three questions that it answers
  • Define Key Resources and give three examples
  • Define Key Competencies and list the three criteria for a key competency
  • Define Strategic Relationships and give three examples of types of strategic relationships
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